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The world's fastest way to repair damaged pipelines and shut down leaking pipes.

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the world's fastest pipe repair Clamp

install in less than 60 seconds

A photo with text of how the Rapid Response Clamp's capabilities: 1: 5x Faster, 2: Easy to Install, 3: No tools required, 4: One-person Installation, 5: One Clamp covers a range of diameters and 6: Reusable
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a breakthrough in pipeline repair

Rapid Response Clamp for Efficient Pipeline Repairs

At VPG Innovation, we are proud to present the groundbreaking Rapid Response Clamp, a revolutionary pipeline repair device that can repair damaged pipelines and shut down leaking pipes in less than 60 seconds, 5x faster than traditional methods. This unparalleled speed and efficiency make it the ideal solution for emergency response situations and organisations looking to enhance their preparedness against piping damage.

Unparalleled Efficiency: The Game-Changing Benefits of the Rapid Response Clamp

Unlike any other clamp on the market, our Rapid Response Clamp is a result of specialised craftsmanship and pipeline engineering. It has been meticulously designed to meet strict military specifications, ensuring the protection of ships' pipework inside frigates, submarines, and complex warships. Our goal was to develop a clamp with critical efficiency, capable of swiftly shutting down leaking pipes, protecting expensive assets, and, most importantly, saving lives.

To achieve this, our development team created a unique chain and lever mechanism solution that underwent rigorous testing and quality certification. As a result, the Rapid Response Clamp has received approval from some of the most exigent organisations in the world, including the US Navy. Today, our clamps are in high demand across the marine, oil and gas, and mining industries in over 10 countries.

Why Choose our Rapid Response Clamp for Pipe Emergencies

The need for fast piping repair is critical in all industries where pipeline integrity must be preserved. Organisations that invest in piping surveys, pigging, and innovative monitoring technologies understand the importance of being able to quickly fix and shut down pipes in the event of a leak or malfunction. The consequences of a burst pipe can include waste of resources, health hazards, and substantial environmental damage – particularly in gas and oil infrastructures, where the loss resulting from a single pipe crack can amount to millions of dollars.

Success on the High Seas: THE Rapid Response Clamp Preferred by the US Navy

Rapid Response Clamp has achieved a remarkable milestone, with over 30,000 clamps installed in US Navy vessels. Developed with the Department of Defence, our efficient clamp streamlines pipe repairs, offering a fivefold faster installation process. Tested to withstand pressures up to 100Bar, it ensures reliability in demanding marine environments. Contact us at and our friendly customer service team will tell you more! 

used and reviewed by the best

Testimonials US Navy


“CVN-78 has had excellent results with the clamp in training sessions, it is far superior than the US Navy’s old Clamp. This Immensely aids in increased readiness to respond to an actual casualty involving piping systems”

Testimonial Oil and Gas


"A Pipeline Repair System that provides significant advantages and peace of mind"

Testimonial Mining

OZ MINERALS Mine Exploration and Development

"Extremely effective in allowing Maintenance Teams to temporarily repair our water Pipelines. Repair times have been slashed"

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