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The world's fastest way to repair damaged pipelines and shut down leaking pipes.

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better by design - 5x faster - easy to install - no tools required - one-person installation - one clamp covers a wide range of diameters - reusable pipe clamp

the world's fastest pipe repair Clamp

The worlds fastest pipe repair clamp

install in less than 60 seconds

HP40 Clamp

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a breakthrough in pipeline repair

Different From Every Other Clamp In The Market


The Rapid Response Clamp is a specialised craftsmanship piece of pipeline engineering. 

Designed to enhance emergency response capabilities, it dramatically increases preparedness against piping damage that need to be fixed as fast as possible.

A New Design To Reduce Pipeline Casualties


Our piping clamp was developed under strict military specifications to protect ships' pipework inside frigates, submarines, and the most complex warships. We knew our device needed to have critical efficiency when shutting down leaking pipes as fast as possible, to protect not only expensive assets but soldiers lives. A regular bolted pipe was not enough. 

Hence, our chain and lever mechanism solution was developed, tested thoroughly and quality-certified.

The Rapid Response Clamp managed to get approval from most exigent organizations in the world, including the US Navy. Today, our clamps are selling fast across the marine, oil and gas, and mining industries in more than 10 countries. 

Fast Piping Repair For All Critical Industries


For companies and public organisations where pipeline integrity needs to be preserved, piping leaks are a permanent concern.

When an organisation engages in piping surveys, pigging and innovative technologies in pipeline monitoring to reduce the risk of your fail of piping structures, you also must be prepared to fix your pipes and shut them down as fast as possible.

Waste of resources, health hazards and environmental damage when a pipe bursts is specially relevant to gas and oil infrastructures, where millions of dollars can easily drain out of a single pipe crack. 


Rapid response Clamps: Suitable for Elbows 

Common failures for elbows and bends in pipelines occur due to turbulent and high velocity flow, causing signature erosion patterns on the outside radius of the elbow. Due to its unique gasket design, our pipe clamp can conform to the geometry of the elbow to completely seal pressures up to 40 bar on a range of pipes from 38mm - 930mm diameter.

used and reviewed by the best



“CVN-78 has had excellent results with the clamp in training sessions, it is far superior than the US Navy’s old Clamp. This Immensely aids in increased readiness to respond to an actual casualty involving piping systems”



"A Pipeline Repair System that provides significant advantages and peace of mind"


OZ MINERALS Mine Exploration and Development

"Extremely effective in allowing Maintenance Teams to temporarily repair our water Pipelines. Repair times have been slashed"

 meet our new Commercial clamp: now featuring
a high-tension Quick-Lock lever and strap


our specialty clamp lines

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