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Oil and Gas Industry that the Rapid Response Clamp serves

hp 40, oil & gas (40 BAR)**

A photo of the "HP40 Rapid Response Clamp"

HP40 CLAMP (40 BAR)**

The Rapid Response Clamp offers the quickest oil and gas pipeline damage control solution, effectively mitigating risks while significantly reducing repair expenses. These clamps boast unparalleled design features that outshine any competitor in the market. What sets VPG Clamps apart is their lightning-fast installation process, taking less than 60 seconds to secure them in place. This is five times faster compared to traditional methods.

HP40 Rapid Response Clamp

VPG Rapid Response Clamp Offers

  • Increased repair success and asset survivability         

  • Highly effective for environmental damage control         

  • Improved assets protection         

  • Avoids disrupting your production workflow         

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Ease of use

Only 8 different sizes are required to span the standard range from 38mm to 930mm pipe diameters. No tools are required for its installation.

HP40 Rapid Response Clamp Chart
HP40 Rapid Response Clamp Chart

Rapid Response Clamps can be ordered individually or supplied in bulk. Larger sizes can be made to order. * Up to diameter 220mm


  • Maritime

  • Mining

  • Oil and gas

  • Refining

  • Aviation

  • Chemical

  • Process Manufacturing                               

Quality Design

  • Marine-grade stainless steel body

  • Nitrile seal suitable for water, gas and most petroleum liquids. Alternatively, a Viton gasket material option is available for applications require higher temperature capability.

Milspec Image from side copy-Recovered.p
The Pressure Chart for the Rapid Response Clamp

3 Variants of Rapid Response Clamps are available:

  • Commercial – 10 Bar.     

  • Milspec – 20 Bar.     

  • HP40 – 40 Bar.

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