The VPG Rapid Response Clamp was engineered to contain leakage from damaged pipework under pressure faster and with less potential for harm to the operator than all competitive systems on the market. The RRP is by far the fastest method to repair a pipe under pressure. Developed originally for use in combat vessels, the Pipe Repair Technology is now available in three variants:

COMMERCIAL - up to pressures of 150 PSI ( 10 Bar )

MILSPEC - up to pressures of 300 PSI ( 20 Bar )

HP 40 - up to pressures of 600 PSI ( 40 Bar )

The Clamp has application across a variety of industries including energy, oil and gas, mining, refining, aviation, maritime, chemical and food industries.

The VPG Rapid Response Clamp offers

✔️Increased personnel and asset survivability.

✔️Reduction in potential environmental damage

✔️Improved protection of assets

✔️Improved ability to maintain production

✔️Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Nitrile and High performance HNBR option

Each Clamp can be ordered with either Nitrile as a Sealing material, ( covers 90%+ of applications including drinking water ), or High-performance HNBR for higher temperature applications eg steam pipes).

Sizes from 38mm to 930mm. (larger available on request)

A major design advantage is that each clamp covers a wide diameter range. Only 8 different sizes are required to span the standard range 38mm to 930mm. Clamps to suit larger diameters are available on request.