VPG Commercial Clamp (38mm-75mm - Dual Lever Clamp)

The Clamp has applications across a variety of industries including energy, oil, and gas, mining, refining, aviation, maritime, chemical and food industries. The VPG Rapid Response Clamp offers increased personnel and asset survivability.

Reduction in potential environmental damage Improved protection of assets Improved ability to maintain production Lower Total Cost of Ownership COMMERCIAL - up to pressures of 150 PSI ( 10 Bar ) Repairs made quickly and easily The key to responding to any emergency situation is speed and the ability to perform the needed task in a simple manner. This outlines the philosophy behind the repair system developed by Valley Precise Global.

Their fully self-contained design means that you won’t be fumbling around with different parts to assemble the clamp. After a review of the installation, most customers have been able to install this temporary repair within 60 seconds. VPG Rapid Response Clamps are specifically designed to be applied by one person in less than 60 seconds.

Less time equals the increase in productivity and decreases downtime. VPG Rapid Response Clamps are robust and well-engineered (CO-Designed by Defence Science and Technology is part of the Australian Department of Defence). Manufactured from marine grade stainless steels and nitrile rubber lip seals to provide superior to 10 bar (145PSI).